About Mistress Carol


About Mistress Carol

I am a lifestyle Dominatrix, Certified Hypnotist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  I have participated in the BDSM lifestyle for over 20 years.  I specialize in producing erotic hypnosis audio masterpieces that bend your mind to my will taking you deep into hypnotic sleep and removing your control for awhile.  I enjoy creating mental journeys where you can experience the delight of various fantasies while remaining in the safety of your own mind.  Let me drop you deep into trance and program you, or let you enter my dungeon for a little play time.  I believe that everyone can be hypnotized and if you have ever fantasized about being taken by a Mistress you can choose from a tender mind fuck to heavy mind control, from a playful erotic fantasy to heavy BDSM play.  I will lead you on a hypnotic journey you will never forget.  Unless I want you too, of course.  You've always fantasied about being under the control of a dominant woman.  Now is your chance to experience some of the best erotic hypnosis on the Internet and fulfill your fantasy at the same time.  Give my sexy seductive voice a listen.  I am confident you will enjoy the ride.

Respectful inquiries can be made to MistressCarol@MyHypnoticDomain.com 


Erotic Hypnosis MP3's

Visit my store here or at MyHypnoticDomain.com to discover hundreds of adult hypnosis sessions from the many genres I enjoy.  Personally, I am a sensualist and I enjoy taking you to a sexy place whether that is deeply lost in my control or providing you with a mind blowing fantasy.  I enjoy pleasure, passion, sex, fun, control and domination, and not necessarily in that order.


Live Sessions

You may book a live Skype session at MyHypnoticDomain.com or enjoy phone hypnosis sessions from NiteFlirt   Being taken by me live is a thrilling and relaxing experience and most leave their session with one word - "amazing".

"I love Mistress Carol's hypnosis and vivid imagination.  Her voice weaves the most wonderful experiences of fantasy and hypnosis that I've ever encountered."

Hypnosis Genres


Deep Erotic Trance

Enjoy letting go and surrendering to My Hypnotic Control as deep trance fills your mind and deep relaxation fills your body.  Deep Erotic Trance


Yes, I am a Dominatrix and I have many FemDom hypnosis  sessions for BDSM lovers to lose themselves inside of, plus, it's a wonderful way to session if you are on a budget or not near a Professional Dominatrix.  BDSM

Fantasy Roleplay

My wicked and sexy imagination will take you on hypnotic fantasies you won't soon forget, from witches to Dommes to wild girlfriends, erotic hypnosis is a wonderful way to enjoy the fantasy of being taken and used.  Yum.  Fantasy Roleplay

Hands-Free Orgasm

Yes, you can.  Through my expert skills in hypnosis, I can take you deep and create pleasure either of your mind or in your body to create the sensation and/or experience of orgasm.  This you simply must try.   Hands-Free Orgasm


Have you ever been deeply hypnotized and guided or forced to masturbation by a sexy Dominatrix with expert mind control skills?  Yes, unconventional and highly effective.  Masturbation

Have Questions? - FAQs

Read my FAQs at MyHypnoticDomain.com by clicking on this link:  FAQs

Mistress Carol on YouTube

They're just words....

Take a time out and relax.


Mistress Carol's sensual voice will drop you deep.

Just Stare

Let your eyes become heavy and weak.

How to Approach a Domme

I wrote this article to help you learn the correct and appropriate way to approach a Domne and not have your email put directly into Her trash can.