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It's always nice to be thought of and appreciated.  Below are a few ideas for you to brighten my day.


Unfortunately reivews are not available at in but you can leave one at  Leave one for me today.  I love reading your thoughts about my sessions and your review helps others find me and enjoy my "special brand" of hypnosis.


It's true.  Money does make the world go around and I'm always tickled when someone sends me a cash tribute of thanks for their hypnotic journey.  Currently you can tribute through My Hypnotic Domain after enjoying my FemDom Hypnosis.

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Below are several ways to treat me  to something special.  Or, come up with your own idea and show me your personal creativity.  


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I'm on Twitter daily and I love the interaction with my followers.  Build a tribute page and support me at @MistressC1.  I'd love to see you there.

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